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Do the emerging market, both equities and debt, still represent an opportunity for investors?

Emerging markets under-performed last year but over the last 10 years emerging market equities are actually the top performers and undoubtedly offer opportunity for investors. The good news is they are now available at a lower cost. More good news – U.S. companies are able to capitalize on the higher rates of growth in the emerging markets. In fact almost 50% of the revenue from the S&P 500 companies comes from overseas. Additionally, emerging markets, both stocks and bonds, not only offer long term return potential but also provide portfolio diversification.

What is your outlook on REIT funds?

Thanks for you great question. We highlighted REITS as one of our asset class picks for 2014 in our recent annual forecast. With interest rates moving higher, Global REITs had a tough year in 2013. But REITs are not as interest sensitive as many think and commercial real estate earnings should improve with the economy in 2014.

I recently sold some real estate I inherited and have close to $100k to invest...but cannot afford to lose this money.

It is important to be prudent investing your $100k inheritance. There are many factors and questions you must answer first categorized as "Investment Objective" and "Risk Tolerance". This is best handled by your personal financial advisor. I hope that helps.